- About Us -

“Passionate about the fruit we bear” / “Apasionados por el fruto que proveemos”
“Bearing fruit con cariño”

Cherry Bean is committed to providing a unique experience that celebrates the independent character of the local community alongside the diversity of culture, and craftsmanship, of the global community of specialty coffee.

We are a family owned business excited to share our roots from the coffee producing regions of Central America and the Caribbean Islands, while also giving a platform to other outstanding coffees being produced worldwide.

Similar to a cherry bean that needs the right conditions and care from farmers and their co-laborers each step of way in order to reach its full potential, we also strive to maintain that same level of commitment with everyone we serve. The dedicated individuals that cultivated the concept of specialty coffee into an industry that continues to explore its boundaries are passionate about the fruit that they bear. We are privileged to offer a taste of their hard work in each cup.